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Frequently Asked Questions

Why won't the camera(s) load on my computer?

Sometimes a camera will go down due to technical difficulties, such a power outage, but usually it is because you need to make sure you have the plugins on your computer. The cameras we use run on a Java platform or on an Active-X platform. If a camera isn't working on your computer, be sure to download the newest version of Java over at, and/or download and install Axis Media Control. Both are harmless to your computer are widely used in sites across the web. Also make sure to allow Active-X controls to be used if your browser asks when you head over to a camera's page.

Where are the cameras?

Ocean City, Maryland. Besides that, figure out the locations yourself! Certain clues make it pretty obvious.

Who can submit photos?

Anyone can send in the pictures for our galleries or to be run on our Instagram (@ocsurfcam), but we only use photos that are taken locally. We also cannot guarantee that we will use your photos, but if we approve them then they will be featured. We always give credit where credit is due! Please email all submissions to, and let us know who is in the photo if you can.

Camera Feed(s) Disclaimer

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